Final Seahawks 2019 mock draft

Draft day – months of anticipation give way to the best day of the year! Presenting HawkTalk’s 7-round Seahawks 2019 mock draft (plus bonus mocks).

Seahawks 2019 mock draft

ICYMI – here are the links to my Seahawks Draft Guide and Seahawks Draft Board. These are must-have resources for 12’s on draft weekend, and a significant source of today’s 7-round mocks:

2019 Seahawks Draft Board

Ultimate 2019 Seahawks Draft preview


There’s one thing in life we can all come together and agree on: John Schneider’s going to trade down in the draft. The question is from what spot: 21? 29? Both? My best guess is they at least trade down from 21, unless they feel there is a true blue chip, difference-making pass rusher on the board.

We’ll cover a (near-dream) scenario where they stick-and-pick at #21 in a little bit. But for now, here are the two trades I’ve built into my final Seahawks 2019 mock draft:

– Seattle trades 21 + 2020 3rd to New England for 32 + 56 + 205 + 243: I’m not usually a fan of using future-year draft capital to move into the current draft, but the Seahawks are in a rare situation with so many more picks in 2020. This is a fair value deal according to the new trade chart, and helps Seattle fill out some gaps on its board this year.

– Seattle trades 32 + 2020 4th to Buffalo for 40 + 74: The best part about acquiring the 32nd pick is they can turn around and sell it to the highest bidder. One last move to fill out Seattle’s board with a great collection of picks.

Final Tally: 29, 40, 56, 74, 92, 124, 159, 205, 243

Final 7-round Seahawks 2019 mock draft

R1 (29) – N’Keal Harry, WR

Smart, tough, reliable and – most of all – talented WR with tons of upside. Former #1 WR recruit who produced at a young age as the centerpiece of Arizona State’s offense. Coach Herm Edwards raves about his competitiveness and football character. Harry is a currently a hybrid big slot receiver who makes truly spectacular contested-catches down the field and devastates defenses after the catch. He needs work on his releases off the line and overall route nuance, but he’ll have plenty of time to develop as one of the younger WR’s in the draft.

I’d love to fit a DE in here but just can’t find the right value. Watch for any of the top DE’s who fall (Ferrell, Gary, Sweat, Tillery), or perhaps even a surprise pick like Chase Winovich.

R2 (40) – Nasir Adderley, SAF

One of the Seahawk-iest players in the entire draft and a natural successor to Earl Thomas. Adderley is an outstanding playmaker in the secondary, with the versatility to line up virtually anywhere in the back-5. He projects best as a deep safety, where his range, quick instincts and unwavering physicality shine brightest. He’ll need time to hone his processing and angles to the ball, but he has all the intangibles you look for to develop into a future star. Smart, tough, reliable, fast, physical, competitiveness and character – Adderley’s got it all.

There’s next to no drop-off at DE between 40 and 56, but a potentially massive cliff at Safety.

R2 (56) – D’Andre Walker, LEO

Put the pitchforks away; we’ve got ourselves an edge rusher. And one hell of a physical competitor with NFL-ready versatility at LEO and SAM linebacker. Walker rushed from a 3-point stance at Georgia, wracking up impressive numbers along the way. He’s an intimidating presence at 6’2, 251 lbs (34.5” arms), with a shredded physique and the demeanour of someone trying to take the opponent’s soul. He’s also beloved by UGA’s coaching staff for his incredible work ethic and drive both on and off the field. While still lacking a polished & varied pass rush repertoire, his run-game chops and instincts in the backfield are top-notch. He was still able to record 7.5 sacks in 2018 and posted the highest pass rush productivity of any returning edge rusher in 2017 (albeit in a very situational role).

R3 (74) – Charles Omenihu, 5T

The Seahawk-iest 5-Tech I’ve ever evaluated. Right off the bat, Omenihu has a freakishly rare physical profile:

Pretty good company to keep! Omenihu is one of my favorite prospects in this entire draft class, coming in at #25 on my Big Board. A versatile outside-in defensive lineman who posted 9.5 sacks and 18 TFL in 2018, despite playing most of his snaps as an interior 4-Tech in Texas’ 3-man fronts. Against both the run AND pass. There’s not another edge rusher in the draft who could’ve consistently handled themselves inside vs. the run like Omenihu did last season. Not Nick Bosa, Clelin Ferrell, Rashan Gary, or Zach Allen. And he wrecked tight ends and offensive tackles alike when tasked with setting the edge.

Where Omenihu’s upside truly lies however, is as a pass rusher. He’s already so skilled off the edge, firing explosively off the line and covering huge chunks of turf with his first 2-3 steps. He already executes a varied pass rush plan at a high level and offers immediate versatility in both style (power / quickness) and alignment, rushing from any spot along the defensive line. And perhaps most importantly, he’s still just scratching the surface of how good he can be.

R3 (92) – Michael Deiter, OG/C

Smart, tough, reliable – notice a trend? Deiter is experienced at multiple spots across the line, profiling as a nasty run blocker on the interior. He could compete at LG in 2019 before potentially transitioning to Center in 2020, when Justin Britt becomes a prime trade/cut candidate.

R4 (124) – Kaden Smith, TE

R5 (159) – Greg Gaines, DT

R6 (205) – Kaden Elliss, LB

R7 (243) – Tim Harris, CB


Final Seahawks 2019 mock draft
Round Pick Player Pos.
1 29 N’Keal Harry WR
2 *40* Nasir Adderley SAF
2 *56* D’Andre Walker LEO
3 *74* Charles Omenihu 5T
3 92 Michael Deiter OG
4 124 Kaden Smith TE
5 159 Greg Gaines iDL
6 *205* Kaden Elliss LB
7 *243* Tim Harris CB

Let’s go.

Stick and pick at #21 scenario

  • Seattle trades 29 + 2020 6th to Cincinnati for 42 + 72 + 183 + 225.
  • Seattle trades 72 + 2020 4th to Kansas City for 63

A near-dream scenario for me. Burns, Adderley and Butler are all top-32 prospects on my Big Board. And very nice value for the others, hitting needs across the board.

5T-first mock draft

S-first mock draft

CB-first mock draft

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